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Professional Mandarin Teaching in Hong Kong

As one of the more complex languages to learn, having the right teacher makes a big difference when it comes to learning Mandarin. Hong Kong residents can rely on our professional services to not only learn common phrases, but to become confident in using Chinese in everyday situations. Here at Mandarinteacher.hk, you get the benefit of classes that are run by experienced educators who are all native speakers of Mandarin (Putonghua) Chinese.

Our courses easily cater to students of any age, as our classes are suitable for children (from six months of age to twelve years old), teenagers as well as adults. Whether you are learning Mandarin for personal reasons or for further education, we have the right solution, as we can also provide lessons that meet high university standards. We understand that students are going to vary in skill levels, which is why we tailor our sessions to meet your needs.

We split our classes into age groups and choose to use different teaching methods for each group in order to get the best results. For children, learning Mandarin needs to be a fun experience that keeps them engaged. That is why we adopt courses such as ?Learn through Play?, which teaches children while keeping it fun. We sing songs, play games, take part in art and craft and read stories to promote fast learning and help children understand the basic elements of the language.

If you would like to learn more about our Mandarin teaching in Hong Kong or would like to enquire about booking your place in a class or summer school, please get in touch with us today. We can be reached via phone on (+852) 6117 9980 or simply head to our contact us page and complete the form provided.


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