Yolanda Zhang

May 2013: Private Chinese Teacher in London.Yolanda Zhang Mandarin Teacher
April 2013 – December 2012: Online Chinese teacher.
October 2012 – August 2011: Part-time Chinese teacher in the UK.
June 2011 – July 2009: English teacher in Witty International English Training School.
May 2009 – February 2009: Interpreter in the US.
December 2008 – June 2008: Etiquette trainer in Huawei Western Clinic.
June 2008 – February 2008: Interpreter in Wenqi Australian Trade Co.
January 2008 – July 2006: English teacher in Witty International Training School.

Yolanda Zhang is a native Mandarin speaker from Mainland China

With teaching Mandarin experience in the UK, I know how to bridge over different thinking ways and languages. The interpreter experience in the US makes me understand what people really need when they communicate. Being a university teacher gives me a good training on flexible and motivating teaching ways.

Are you interested in learning Chinese for job or survival? Learn with me, with some simple words, you can express yourself in a smart and efficient way. Want to know what Chinese people are really thinking? I?ll explain that in our class.