Summer Camp 2016

SHAOLIN Mandarin Summer Camp

Mandarin Teacher HK held there Shaolin Kung Fu Mandarin Camp

An absolutely fun time at the Mandarin Teacher Summer Camp.

The camp was held over 3 days. During the time at camp many new friendships were made.The camp was mainly made up of children and a few parents.The camp had many great experiences.There was a mix of Kung Fu and Mandarin Classes.

All the Kung Fu was taught in Mandarin so a great deal of new Mandarin terms were taught to the students.In the mix of everyday life was the eating of traditional style foods.

There were meditation sessions to help students be at ease their inner self.This is part of Traditional teaching of Kung Fu.For the beginners this was a very interesting experience.

The next great activity was the learning of traditional Mandarin Writing.All the students were given tradition ink and brush.This was a very messy fun time.As learning how to use a brush to make a precise Character took some skill. All students enjoyed this as its very creative.At the end all the students got to that home there work in a lovely frame to show their families.

On the last day the students were put through a test of all the moves that they had been taught.For all their hard work each student received an award.

Everybody had a great happy time at this year’s Shaolin Mandarin Summer Camp.