Sonia Song

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BackgroundSonia Song

I was born and educated in Beijing. Chinese language teaching came naturally to me in both my personal interests and in my professional work since I was in high school.


In 2002, I graduated with my first degree in International Chinese Language in Faculty of Chinese Language at Capital Normal University in Beijing.

After my first degree, I also obtained 1st Grade of PSC test from The National Language Committee in China.

I moved to Hong Kong in 2005, and later completed a Diploma in Advanced Putonghua Trainers at Hong Kong Baptist University.


Teaching Experience


I?ve been teaching the Chinese language to both local and international school students.? Learning a language? should be fun and joyful so you can learn efficiently.? It is more effective if teaching materials are tailor made to suit individual needs.? Let?s learn in a fun and professional way[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]