Pure Colourful Mandarin PlayGroup

Pure Colorful Mandarin Playgroup the best learning classes for children. Provided by professional highly skilled Native Mandarin tutors. Results guaranteed. Free Trial

Research have shown that early contact to a second language can increase children?s creativity, and it is possible to attain native and fluent accent, Children are taught by well-trained and experienced native mandarin teachers in many great teaching techniques, including drawing,Chinese calligraphy,artwork,paper folding,sing Chinese song, China Shaolin Kung Fu,stories, reciting..

Lesson time is 9:30am to 11:30am, The price is $450 two hours. Our afternoon classes are 2:00pm-4:00pm and 4:30pm-6:00pm .
We will offer snack in the class.

For the youngest children aged 24 months-3 years parents are welcome to join in the Mandarin playgroup. This exposes children to the language through games, songs, stories, crafts and flash cards. We use this method because using art makes language learning more fun for  younger children.

For the next tutoring level, children are 4-6 years old, we continue developing their learning skills through playing and doing some of the activities in our playgroup. In the class our teachers will teach students to draw pictures, write simple Chinese characters and sentences, reciting,stories,paper folding. We will also teach children how to introduce themselves in a conversation and how to ask each other questions. It can be difficult for children to learn Mandarin at home, on their own, but our qualified and dedicated instructors can help them.

Children ages 6-11 will normally have Mandarin homework from school.

Typically, parents want our teachers to help them with their homework, and upon completion our teachers can focus on our Mandarin reading and writing class. This step focuses on learning complete sentences and enhancing the children?s writing and oral skills. Next, with school textbooks closed, our teachers apply their techniques. Together, the student and teacher will practice different topics that enable children to gain greater confidence and a wider application of their writing and oral skills. Our experience has shown that this leads the child to becoming fluent in a more efficient manner. To make you aware, we offer both full time and part time tutor Hong Kong.

Though our training shy children will open their mouth and love speaking.

From 6-8 years and 8-13 years old children have Shaolin Kong fu class,the teacher come from Shaolin Temple in Henan province have class in pure mandarin.

If you are interested in joining this class, give Jessie a call on call us on +(852) 6117 9980 or call us on +(852) 2982-0919 or simply click the following link: contact now! Contact us for additional information by Email: info@mandarinteacher.hk