Summer Course 2019


Summer Program

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17th June – 16th August 2019

Monday – Friday

Morning Session: 9am – 12am

Afternoon Session: 2pm – 5pm

Sign up for a minimum of 1 week.  Welcome all children aged 3-18

Different Programs for Different Levels

- Mandarin phoniec- Pinyin (Mandarin Phonic)- Sentence structure- Speaking
- Flashcards, songs & games- Daily conversation- Confidence building and practicing- Listening
- Basic conversation- Listening and speaking- Reading and writing- Interpretive reading
- Listening and speaking- Simple characters- Chinese culture- Representational writing


/ Session
/ Session
/ Package
Package A10 Sessions3 hoursHK$ 600HK$ 6,000
Package B15 Sessions3 hoursHK$ 600HK$ 9,000
Package C20 Sessions3 hoursHK$ 600HK$ 12,000

Flexible schedule, you could sign up for minimum 1 week.

For further information and For signing up the class, contact us NOW:

  • Phone or WhatsApp: +852 6117 9980
  • E-mail: