Mandarin Teenage Classes

Why is the best choice for your teen?

Mandarin Teenage Classes improve school exams and homework.


We offer classes for teenagers in the form of one-on-one or one-on-two tutoring at home.

Not only can our instructors help teenagers with their Mandarin homework from school, but they can also help them with their writing by using readymade stories the students can translate from Mandarin to English. The instructors can also explain the meaning of the stories in a patient way. This allows students to learn how to write long sentences with correct grammar. Teachers will also talk about Chinese culture, history, and geography, focusing on the different areas of the country and their different customs and food.

Our professional instructors will show students why Chinese is important and how can they learn it well. Classes for teenagers encourage your teen to use Chinese to communicate with more detailed information that requires in-depth thought. They also focus on taking students? knowledge of grammar and vocabulary and expanding it to cover a wide range of real-world situations.

There are three different levels of Mandarin for teens:

Level one concentrates on topics that interest students. It encourages them to take part in achievable speaking and writing tasks to reach fluency.

Level two, students will learn how to write an email in Chinese, describe their ideal school and conduct surveys. The focus is on building students? spoken and written fluency with more challenging tasks.

Level three writing and speaking tasks continue to touch on topics of interest to teens, but expand more on more complicated words and phrases.

As we teach teens Mandarin, we focus on exam preparation, general language revision and improving grades at school. We will practice vocabulary and conversational topics by placing the teens in real-like situations on field trips. For example, we can discuss words related to football while at the football field, or talk about nature while visiting the park.
We test students every two months and evaluate their performance. If a student is struggling in certain areas, the teacher will do more revision exercises. Parents will receive reports three times a year to let them know their child?s progress in Mandarin or Cantonese, like how many words they remember and how many sentences they can understand. The students can also practice their conversational skills with the teacher in front of their parents, so they have the ability to hear students? speaking abilities for themselves.

teenage 2

Mandarin Teenage Classes Reading and writing making more sentences and writing stories ( 13 years old to 15 years old)

School and Classes

  • School begins 
  • Class schedule 
  • Chinese class 
  • Professions 
  • Hobbies
  • A sports meet 

School Life

  • My room
  • Visiting campus 
  • The community 

Going Out

  • An Invitation
  • Watching a movie
  • At the restaurant 


  • Chinese Festivals
  • Shopping In the store 
  • Grandpa’s Birthday party 
  • Four seasons
  • I am sick
  • I like my school 
  • Sports meet 
  • My community 
  • What are your hobbies
  • The Chinese zodiac
  • My vacation
  • Getting to know China
  • I go to Da Hua High School 
Teenage 3teenage 4teenage 5

We have designed Mandarin classes for teenagers 16 years to 19 years old) to develop language skills and improve confidence.


As we teach teenagers Mandarin, we focus on the following:

  • Examination preparation
  • Specific targeted tailor made requirements
  • General language revision
  • Improve grade results at school

Our classes are fun, effective and result oriented

  • Chinese tutoring
  • Language games
  • Chinese writing skills
  • Poetry and essays


Mandarin Teenage Classes Tailored to meet the needs of individual students, this course adopts a flexible approach.

for the most part when we teach teenagers Mandarin is to enhance students? comprehension and memory skills, help them find solutions for learning problems and reinforce their Mandarin communication skills.

Mandarin Teenage Classes Chinese Courses are designed based on the different personalities and hobbies of children. This Chinese course helps children learn Chinese via playing games and discussing fun topics. Many pictures and real objects are used frequently in the class to retain children?s interest and satisfy their inquisitive minds.

Our Mandarin Chinese Courses are divided into 7 different levels, ranging from Beginner Level to Advanced level, this helps your children achieve their Chinese learning goals step by step.