Mandarin Nanny service

Welcome to our great Mandarin nanny service

Mandarin Teacher HK school now has a great Mandarin Nanny Service.

All our nannies are native Mandarin speakers from Mainland China.

They all have University degrees or Mandarin Teaching Certificates with at least One Year teaching experience.

Our nanny service is able to offer an in-house Mandarin-speaking nanny. We cater for children of different age groups. 

Nanny Service Available for
    • 1st Group: 1 year old to 4 years old
    • 2nd Group: 5 years to 9 years old
    • 3rd Group: 9 years to 13 years old

Group 1: One year to Four years old

Our nannies play games and teach mandarin while children are having meals, having showers or a bath.

 The nanny will converse with your child in Mandarin, and also have fun singing songs in Mandarin. This will surely develop a strong language foundation for your child in later years.

Group 2: 5 years to 9 years old

Our nanny can converse or engage in other daily activities and with your child can go out to play, shop or swim.

The nanny can be alongside you when you need help when out and about with the kids. Teaching the kids Mandarin at the same time.

Group 3: 9 years to 13 years old

Our nanny can help them with conversation to expand the Mandarin vocabulary that your children have learned at school.

Such as a friendly environment. in the long run, this helps to develop their fluency and confidence.

Nanny Service Special

6 great deals for you to choose from

  • 1.5 hours is HKD 550 per 1.5 hours.

  • 2 hours is HKD 680 per 2 hours.

  • 3 hours is HKD 880 per 3 hours.

  • 4 hours is HKD 1000 per 4 hours.

  • 5 hours is HKD 1280 per 5 hours.

  • 6 Hours is HKD 1480 per 6 hours.

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Nanny Roles:

Our nannies are professionals who are experienced in child-care and work to promote a happy and loving environment, aiming to teach Mandarin by an interactive method of play and activities to develop daily skills using  Mandarin in all aspects of the child’s routine.

They are not expected to do housework beyond taking care of tidying up after themselves.