Mandarin Children Exam Information

Mandarin Children Exam Study lesssons for all children from non-native speaking families. Choose professional Native speaking teachers from Mandarin Teacher Hk school for in home or at learning centre lessons.

Mandarin Children Exam

Mandarin Children Exam gapsk exam cert

Gapsk The examination is developed by the China National Education Board and Beijing University Language Education Department. Open examination available for all Hong Kong Kindergarten children (K1-K3). The examination is made up of 2 parts? . Part 1 Children’s Listening skills and Part 2 recital skills.

The only difference between KPCC and Gapsk exams is that KPCC uses simple instructions and also a word recognition section. GAPSK one the Mandarin Putonghua exams is for children.

Mandarin Children Exam

Mandarin Children Exam KPCC exam study

KPCC (Kiddies’ Putonghua Certificate in Communication) examination is organized by the China Artist Association and Beijing Tsinghua EUNIS Education Board. Open examination for Hong Kong children aged between 3 ? 7 years old in kindergarten and nursery (PN-K3). 3 different levels: Junior, then Intermediate and then Senior Level. Mandarin teacher hk has a long experience of enhancing kids to acheive high results in the KPCC exam in Hong Kong.

Mandarin Children Exam

Mandarin Children Exam CCCC Exam

CCCC Exam is the work of The Steering Committee of the Proficiency-Huayu also known as the SC-TOP. The internationally recognized SC-TOP Mandarin Chinese assessment system known as CCCC exam. The SC-TOP has successfully developed a series of exams, which one is the Children?s Chinese Competency Certification (CCCC). Designed for young learners of the Chinese language.

CCCC Exam designed for the linguistic and psychological development of children .The CCCC exam incorporates the use of pictures in most of the test items. Our Mandarin teachers make sure you get the right preparation for the exam.

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