Mandarin Children Classes

Below is a fee guide for Mandarin Children Classes.

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We Teach children Mandarin by using fun and interactive activities that engage your child.


Mandarin Playgroup (6 months -24 months)

Usually, parents prefer a private, one-on-one or one-on-two tutoring experience at home. In addition to this, we also offer a wide variety of classes for kids of all ages. For the youngest children, aged 6- 24 months, we have a Mandarin playgroup. This exposes children to the language through games, songs, stories, crafts and flash cards. Because using art makes language learning more fun for the youngest children.
At this age, children always run here and there. They don’t know how to sit down to listen to the teacher. We place focus on ensuring their upmost concentration in our class. We have meetings every month with our teachers to discuss how to help them focus and remember important things from their lessons.

  • Playing games
  • Flashcards
  • Like Listening to stories
  • Singing songs for children (Two Tigers, Body Songs)
  • Practice learning the body parts, colors,animals, fruits and members of the family
  • Drawing, craft work
Mandarin Children Classes

Mandarin Fun Lessons (3 years old to 5 years old)


For the next tutoring level, children 3-5 years old, we continue developing their learning skills through play and do some of the activities of our playgroup. To sum up, we teach the basic writing skills to students. Students will learn to write simple characters, like the months of the year, numbers and family members. We believe it is important to find a good way to let them remember new ideas in a quick and fun way. . We teach them how to introduce themselves in a conversation and how to ask each other questions. It can be difficult for children to learn Mandarin at home, on their own, but our qualified and dedicated instructors help them.

We will write basic Chinese strokes and characters (some examples, one to ten, big and small, the sun, months of the year, water, fire, brother and sister). During these classes, our teaching method varies to keep the child?s interest. We will sing songs, read stories, draw pictures and sometimes the children will just copy the teacher when reading and trying to remember the words and parts of speech. They will be expected to read simple sentences and to be able to hold basic conversations.
As we teach children Mandarin, we will test students every two months to evaluate their performance. If a student is struggling in certain areas, the teacher will do more revision exercises. This has the benefit of maximizing the child?s exposure to Mandarin.

Children Mandarin PlaygroupsMandarin Children Classes

Mandarin reading and writing (6 years old to 8 years old)

Children ages 6-8 will normally have Mandarin homework from school. Typically,teachers help with their homework,once finished the homework , then teachers can carry on with the Mandarin reading and writing class. This step focuses on learning complete sentences and enhancing the child?s writing and oral skills. Next, with school textbooks closed, our teachers apply their techniques. Together, the student and teacher will practice different topics that enable children to gain greater confidence and a wider application of their writing and oral skills. Our experience has shown that this leads the child to become fluent in a more efficient manner.
We will continue to test students every two months and conduct revision exercises as needed.

Common types and Chinese Characters

Students will learn to combine characters to form simple phrases in the Mandarin Children Classes.

Proven phrases for Mandarin Children Classes


  1. Hello!
  2. What is your name? 
  3. How old are you?
  4. What is your nationality?
  5. I love my family 
  6. Where do you live?
  7. What date is it today?
  8. What day is it today? 
  9. What is in the classroom? 
  10. I like fruits ?
  11. How can I get there? 
  12. How much? 
  13. I can speak Chinese ?
  14. Today is a nice day ?

Children Mandarin PlaygroupChildren Mandarin Playgroup

Chinese Reading and writing (9 Year old to 12 Year Old)

above all to make more sentence and write short stories: (9 years old to 12 years old)

 Mandarin Children Classes help students with school assignments, by and large, this helps with writing the Chinese characters. Often, students? Chinese schoolbooks only explain ideas with Chinese characters, not Pinyin or English. For this reason, we only teach the best methods to recall Chinese characters quickly, for example, proven memory recall techniques with the characters.We will help them write essays and stories about their school topics and also let them converse and ask our teachers questions.
We also discuss how Chinese has different from English grammar.
For this reason, the Student may practice with the tutor in front of their parents .Parents will receive reports three times a year, to ensure they are kept up to date regarding their child?s progress in Mandarin. .

Examples as shown below

  • Combining characters to form simple phrases 50 nouns 100 verbs 100 adjectives 100 modal verbs
  • Simple sentence structures
  • Reading simple sentences
  • Dictation
  • 15 structural words/joining words
  • Writing a summary of 15 articles
  • Reading and writing with questions and answers



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Certified Mandarin Children Classes

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