Lizzy Zhang

Background of Lizzy Zhang MandarinTeacher HK teacher

lizzie Zhang Mandarin teacher Degree: Bachelor degree of English teaching.

Age: 34

Work Experience

1998-2001 – I was working in the QINGDAO BEST CHILDREN’S ENGLISH SCHOOL as an English teacher, part time.

2001 – Graduated from TEACHERS COLLEGE OF QINGDAO UNIVERSITY and then worked in QINGDAO NO.1 MIDDLE SCHOOL as an English teacher in senior class for 5 years.

2006 – Joined an Indian trading company as a china sourcing manager and translator.

2013 – Joined Global First Education Centre Of Beijing Normal University in Hong Kong as a Mandarin teacher, part time.

Certificate for professional qualities:

1: Certificate of English Major LEVEL 6

2: Certificate of National Mandarin Proficiency Test (LEVEL A)