Let Your Kids Become More Creative Through Mandarin

characters-for-kids-nanny-tutoringAs for many parents, you might want your child to speak more than those three languages that seems obvious for them to engage in. You are also afraid that if your kid doesn?t start in time she or he won?t ever learn. Some say you should not make your kid learn more than two languages from the beginning, while others say that three languages limit the kids learning in other fields as well. As competition within the academic field increases in Hong Kong, parents make their kids learn more languages and Mandarin is becoming both more important and have exceeded English as second language after Cantonese.


We have of parents forcing kids to listen to tutors speaking already before they had celebrated their third birthday. Children learn language slower when put behind the school bench instead of playing while enhancing the new lingua. When starting school, most kids are not yet prepared to embrace everything that pops up. Learning through adults engaging language while playing is a great deal and usually consist of two things. (1) the young lives learn to understand what they are engaged. After that, they (2) intercept the language the adult is speaking to them while engaging in the game.


Before your kid starts speaking it starts to embrace body language and facial expressions. However, he or she is also catching spoken words, functioning as the foundation to the language soon to be spoken by herself. Listening to the person who is taking care of the baby will be the first steps of learning the language as learning anything useful further on.

In How young children learn English as another language the author – Opal Dunn – writes more thoroughly on how to make the most out of your kids language learning.



You should not be too frightened about what previous research say about kids learning too many languages either. Other research conclude that there are mostly benefits of learning an (or a few) additional language from a young age. In Children should start learning languages at age three by Catherine Ford, she mention that studies from Harvard University state that getting to know a language in early age increase flexible thinking and creates a more creative mindset. In older research it is said that learning several languages not only decrease learning speed of the languages learnt, but also other subjects during the same period of time. However, schools mentioned in the previous linked article can proudly announce that kids learning foreign languages from an early beginning end up performing better in their native language rather than their monolinguistic classmates. That?s why we want to be the best kids mandarin tutor in Hong Kong. If you want your kid to learn mandarin as second language in Hong Kong you should read more about our nanny support.