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Want to learn Business Mandarin.Therefore Mandarin Teacher Hk can provide all business lessons to you and your team. Mandarin Teacher HK school is well known for teaching Business Mandarin. Mandarin Teacher Hk provide a program school is well known for teaching Business Mandarin for all Business Mandarin from general conversation to industry specific terms.

The Business Mandarin classes use different teaching methods and materials . Each method focuses on the group’s lesson requirements.

Our teachers discuss a different topic every time, and after 20- 40 hours of lessons, we will perform a evaluation so you can see how much you have progressed. Through these tests you can see how many keywords you’ve learned, how many sentences you can say and how many expressions you have obtained. We practice these ideas over and over so they can become engraved

We practice these ideas over and over so they can become engraved on your memory.

Our class in Specialized Business Chinese covers all kinds of skills but focuses more on speaking and listening. Emphasis is placed on communication tasks, which give students the opportunity to practice fluency and build confidence in business situations. This list of topics is by no means exhaustive and the course can be adapted to cover other subjects.

  • Accounting Mandarin
  • Insurance Mandarin
  • Legal Mandarin
  • Banking & Finance Mandarin
  • Shipping and logistics Mandarin
  • Hotel and Travel Mandarin

Business Mandarin

Example phrases

  • I’m glad/ busy/ on vacation.
  • I’d like to have?thanks.
  • I don’t want thanks.
  • What time is it?
  • How to book a room/ ticket.
  • How to take a taxi.
  • Where are you? I’m home.
  • Go to work/ off work.
  • I’m busy at work.
  • I’ll call you back ASAP.
  • This is my colleague/friend….
  • Be careful!
  • How much is this?
  • This is too expensive/ any discount?
  • Let’s have a drink.
  • Beer/ wine
  • Hot water/ iced water
  • Tea/ coffee/ chocolate

How to converse with Chinese people in a smooth and natural way.

Life is busy and hectic for many adults .Futhermore this caused many no time for study, In the meantime our teachers of Business Mandarin will make it so easy that learning Mandarin becomes a part of life. We can teach you different ways to incorporate Mandarin into your daily routine. Even something as simple as practicing with flashcards during your spare time can make a huge difference when it comes to becoming fluent in Mandarin.

We believe in starting with the basics, and will practice pinyin first before we focus on conversational skills. Learning pinyin is essential, as it helps pronunciation and recognition of the different tones.

In our school, MandarinTeacher.hk, 90% of our students are from overseas. Our Mandarin teachers are all from Beijing and northern China, with clear, easy to understand accents.

Our teachers have Master?s degrees from their respective universities. . If you choose MandarinTeacher.hk, you can be confident that you will be in the most capable and reliable hands. Our director and professional trainers will use their knowledge and experience to tailor classes for your specific needs.
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Our teacher will analyse your style of learning, assess your level and give you suggestions and target your lessons plans to suit your individual learning needs.

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Course: Group Mandarin Class for adults

Focus on communicative competence that is based on interactive lessons to facilitate plenty of speaking.

A group usually consists of a maximum of FOUR students who are of the same level and have similar goals.

Course duration:

10 week course: 90 min/session

2 sessions/week

Course content:

  • Health
  • Feelings and Opinions
  • Sickness
  • Don?t be too tired


  • Living
  • Eating out
  • Self-catering
  • Go to the supermarket
  • Do you like Chinese food?
  • Interests
  • Take a photograph
  • Spring festival
  • Take care of your wallet…
  • Working



Basic native-like conversations.

Recognize up to 250 Chinese characters for elementary level and more by taking higher level classes,

Become familiar with Chinese grammar.

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