Jessie Zhou Managing Director for Mandarin Teacher HK

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Jessie Zhou Managing Director of Mandarin Teacher HK Jessie Zhou is an experienced linguist in Mandarin (Putonghua), Cantonese and English, having studied in Beijing before moving to Shenzhen where she lived for 20 years. After moving to Hong Kong in 2006, Jessie then established Mandarin Teacher HK in 2010.
Since then, Jessie has built Mandarin Teacher HK and has been teaching children, students, adults and business people in both spoken and written Mandarin, in group and personal one on one sessions.

Since 2006 she have been responsible for teaching foreigners and local people to study Mandarin in Hong Kong, including speaking and writing lessons, as well as editing material about learning Chinese. She has taught a variety of students such as American, British, French, Spanish, Japanese, Korean etc. Many of her students are working for international companies in Hong Kong.

Jessie has developed a team of the best teachers of who adhere to the proper ethics required by teachers for all types of learning.


Managing Director, Mandarin Teacher HK Ltd
Educational Institution; 1-10 employees; Education Management industry

January 2010 – Present  Hong Kong is a Language Institute that specialises in the teaching of Mandarin (Putonghua) as a Second Language.

Mandarin Teacher HK specialises in the teaching of Putonghua to Children- from Toddler to Teenager and the teaching of Business Mandarin to professionals in their industry or fields of specialisation, as well as general Mandarin Tuition.

The company’s niche is that of personalised tuition in the home or office rather than classroom tuition, however and if preferred, classroom tuition is available.

Manager :Kang Hui Travel Agency, Shenzhen, PR of China.

1998 – 2006  Kang Hui Travel Agency, Shenzhen, PR of China.

Kang Hui is a PRC based International Travel Agency with reciprocal arrangements in all major tourist travel destinations.

Jessie Zhou’s Languages

  • English
  • Cantonese
  • Mandarin (Putonghua)


City University of Hong Kong

Language, Certificate of Proficiency in Putonghua.

2005 – 2006

Grade: 09PSC

The Certificate of Proficiency is a Teaching of Mandarin as a Second Language qualification

Beijing Normal University

Linguistic Studies, Education

1990 – 1994