Get In To International Schools Through Expert Exams



IMG_0758As for most ambitious students in Hong Kong you or your kid will eventually experience various tests in order to prove your qualification, or enhance possibilities of entering the education you always dreamt of. It is not always the case that your school provides you with the proper preparation for the actual test you are aiming at.

At Mandarin Teacher we run a well proven process to ensure students get to perform tests and learn what they are practicing for a lifetime. We run through the following steps to ensure efficient and lifelong learning.



Run full-length tests to discover what each student needs to improve their personal skill. Through analyses of students knowledge and level, we will be better prepared to execute a tailored plan of how to tackle the test ahead of you.


Performing tests and mock-test in a similar environment. When getting into the mindset and feeling of actually performing the test creates confidence and a more relaxed feeling when writing the real test. It also makes you understand and perform tasks in less time.




You know best which test is most suitable for you. We provide preparation for

  • SAT, a highly recognized and respected test measuring of how well you are prepared for college.
  • Cambridge GCE, GCSE and IGCSE (General Certificate of – Secondary or International – Education) can be taken in individual subjects or as a whole and is especially popular before applying to American schools.
  • Advanced Placement (AP) exams are constructed to provide a grade for, in particular, American colleges and Universities of your skills.
  • International Baccalaureate (IB) test is mainly conducted to measure analytical skills, problem solving and delivery of arguments.

If you still can?t decide for which test you want challenge yourself with – give us a heads up and we?ll be happy to tell you more so that you can find the best fit.