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GAPSK Exam Primary test content:

Gapsk Kindergarten (primary) Proficiency Test” main focus is on listening and speaking Mandarin. The exam Has two parts Listening and speaking. The exam is only 8 minutes long. Hence this option is the best for children of kindergarten age beginning to learning Mandarin.

Mandarin Gapsk Exam Exam is the Kindergartens Primary and Middle School Proficiency Examination (abbreviated: GAPSK proficiency test) which is developed by the Institute of Language in Education, Peking University, in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan by the Chinese Ministry of Education Office which runs the primary and secondary schools kindergarten Putonghua proficiency tests All the items, contents and subjects is solely primary and secondary schools. The Mandarin kindergarten curriculum design and assessment and identification of test standards has been done by three experts from Beijing, Guangzhou, and Hong Kong . The test content is easier and is lively, which is appropriate for children’s living and learning environment.

Has full control and implementation of the examination affairs.
GAPSK Exam Intermediate Examination content:

GAPSK Kindergarten (Intermediate) Mandarin Chinese Proficiency Test” .There are four sections to the?test

  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Reading
  • Writing

The Four Sections consist of part A the read section.Hence consists of a short child introduction of themselves and also reading sentences. Next Part B writing, following with Part C speaking by reading short sentences and Part 4 listening. Then will in addition Read parts of the sentence to test the candidate’s Mandarin pronunciation skill. GAPSK Exam also requires candidates to have some literacy skills. Exam topics include listening, speaking and reading in three parts, with a total time of 10 minutes to answer.
GAPSK proficiency test is voluntary . Meanwhile the Gapsk Exam shows the children’s strengths and weakness.

Mandarin Gapsk Exam for children

The Putonghua proficiency certification helps further enhance students for the future.