Dustin Wang Mandarin Tutor


Dustin Wang Mandarin Teacher Hi, I?m Dustin Wang. First of all, I?m a learner. I learn what I love and I love what I learn.

Secondly, I?m a teacher. I teach what I love and I love what I teach. What I learn and teach,I guess you can tell, is language.

Hence my mother tongue is Mandarin I come from the very middle part of China, and(not any dialect, although I can understand a few, recognize a dozen). Besides teaching Mandarin, I also love to travel. I believe traveling is the best way to practice your language (of course you also need a good instructor like me).

According to the TED video , you can master any spoken language within 6 months. So if you are interested and serious about learning Mandarin, let?s make it happen!


First started to teach Mandarin in 2006 in Beijing. I have taught students from many countries and from corporations such
as Warner Bros., China Construction Bank, Mitsubishi UFJ, Sino Group, etc.

Then I have worked as a part-time tutor and also as a part-time interpreter Next I began to teach Mandarin full-time in February 2014.

I Because of my multidisciplinary education and work experience, I can teach Mandarin in such areas as Engineering, Science, and Jewelry industry.

Hence, I also enjoy teaching beginners.


Master in Speech and Hearing Science, Faculty of Education, HKU, Hong Kong SAR Master in Linguistics, Beijing Language and Culture University, China
Bachelor in Engineering Tsinghua University, China


Grade ONE, Level B in Putonghua Proficiency Test conferred by The Hong Kong Putonghua Education and Assessment Center, HKU
Certificate of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education conferred by Center for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning, HKU


Mandarin Chinese (Native)
English (ibt TOEFL 109/120)
Intermediate level Cantonese
Beginner level French and Japanese
Familiar with simplified traditional Chinese writing Systems

Futhermore, with several other types of writing systems, for example, Romanization

Also I am Familiar with the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) sounds


Reliable, open-minded, punctual, resourceful, quick learner, MBTI personality type is INFP and I?m a Libra if you must know.