Mandarin playgroups for children

Mandarin Teacher HK provide stimulating playgroups that are the best choice for your children.

Teachers will analyze the students skills in Mandarin to make sure they are in the appropriate Mandarin  playgroups.


6- 24 months

We offer a wide variety of classes for kids of all ages. For the youngest children, aged 6- 24 months, we have a Mandarin playgroup. This exposes children to the language through games, songs, stories and crafts.


3-5 years old

For the next age group, children 3-5 years old, we continue with the idea of learning through play and do many of the same activities of our playgroup as we introduce some basic writing skills. Students will learn how to write simple characters, like the months of the year, numbers and family members. The teacher will perform a monthly evaluation for each student and provide a report on their progress to parents.


6-8 years old

Children aged 6-8 can participate in our Mandarin reading and writing class, which focuses on learning how to arrange sentences and enhancing the child?s writing and oral skills.


9-12 years old

Students aged 9-12 years old can participate in our higher-level writing classes, which will focus more on writing longer sentences and stories. They will learn how to combine characters to form more phrases. They will be expected to read simple sentences and to be more fluent in conversation.

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