Adult Mandarin Classes ( single/ group)

Why should you choose Mandarin for language learning as an adult?

Adult Mandarin Classes are in two types the first being 1to 1 and then there are the group classes.

Adult Mandarin Classes

The lessons are suited to each student by the Mandarin Teacher HK Tutor .We als0 give you all the learning materials.
when students have finished 40 lessons at our mandarin learning center in HK, they will be given a performance test. As a result of this test, this shows how much has been learned.Then again how many sentences they can remember. You will learn how to ask more detailed questions and proper understandable sentences.

Whereas English and Chinese have different grammar rules. For that reason our teachers will clearly explain to you in English or Cantonese the difference.

We teach adults Mandarin through private lessons that help you achieve your specific goals. Our Chinese classes are based on your level, pace, and learning style. Tell us what you hope to learn and we will design a personalized and professional study plan for you! Whenever you feel a mandarin teacher is needed in Hong Kong, we’re here for you.

For beginners, we will practice learning pinyin first, because it is the easiest way to practice the sounds and tones of words. Learning pinyin also helps to steer the focus towards conversational skills. With this, we can go over language used in different situations, like what you can say at a restaurant, bar, at the park, while shopping, etc. We will practice using these words and phrases in real-life situations by doing outside activities, like going shopping, visiting the park and beach, or going hiking. If you are lucky you might be able to tackle a day in Hong Kong in mandarin. Don’t hesitate to contact us for tutoring in Hong Kong.

1 to 1 Lesson
Price per Hour
$500 per-hour
$500 per-hour
$500 per-hour
Private Groups Min 3 per group
Group class Pricing
$250 p/h per student
$250 p/h per student
$250 p/h per student
Adult Classes At Sheung Wan Centre
Cost per lesson (1.5 hrs)
Price per Student
Group Lesson Plan
Group Timetable
MONDAY-FRIDAY 7:40 P.M -9:10 P.M
adult mandarin classadult mandarin group

 Adult Mandarin Class 1on1

In general, we will discuss how to converse, in Mandarin, in a smooth and natural way.

We teach adults Mandarin courtesy expressions and how to introduce oneself and others

Adult Mandarin Classes Example phrases

Let?s have a drink.
Hot water/ iced water /tea/ beer / coffee/ chocolate
I?d like to have?thanks.
I don?t want?thanks.
I?m glad/ busy/ on vacation.
Where are you? I?m home.
I?m busy at work.
I?ll call you back ASAP.
Be careful!
Go to work/ off work.
This is my colleague/ friend.
How much is this?
This is too expensive/ any discount?
What time is it?
How to take a taxi.
How to book a room/ ticket.

Mandarin General Conversation Adults Class

Greeting and courtesy expressions for different settings
Ask simple questions
Time and numbers
Days of the week
Months of the year
Making an appointment
Asking for directions
Where should we meet
Shopping and bargaining
Special attention to the cost of things in shops
Ask for costs
Methods of payment
Common expressions for shopping and bargaining
Ask for distance
Ask for the cost and duration of a journey
Give answers to the taxi driver
Dining and making a reservation
At the customs and airport
and much more?

By the end of this section students are expected to form sentences such as:

We would like to reserve a table for 3 please
Speaking and listening skills Pinyin, reading and writing
Speaking to students
Eating out
Chinese culture
We offer private live Mandarin Chinese lessons for adults that will help you achieve your specific Chinese learning goals. Our Chinese courses are based on your level, pace, and learning style. Tell us your Chinese learning goals and we will design a personalized and professional study plan for you!
Language study strategy
Explain the correct approach to study any language. Road map for success and obstacles will be introduced.